Registered Charity No. 260607


  1. Objectives 
  2. Who qualifies to rent a home from Pass Housing Association? 
  3. Applications for a home
  4. Pass Homes in Wootton Fitzpaine
  5. Pass Housing Association Trustees
  6. How to contact us 
  1. Objectives 
    a) Pass Housing Association Ltd is a Charitable Trust that provides homes for rent in Wootton Fitzpaine Parish for those from the Parish or immediate vicinity with limited options in the housing market. Pass Housing Association does not offer a right to buy.
    b) We intend that every application for a home will be dealt with fairly and consistently in accordance with this policy. 
    c) We are opposed to discrimination on any grounds including race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other unjustifiable criteria. 

d)  We aim to support long term, sustainable tenancies. 

2. Who qualifies to rent a home from Pass Housing Association? 
a) Those who were born in the parish of Wootton Fitzpaine Parish OR who have lived in the parish or the immediate vicinity for not less than five years 

AND who lack the resources to obtain a good quality home on the open market through their own means.

3. Applications for a home
a) The properties do not come up for re-allocation very often so the Trustees do not hold a waiting list. A property becoming vacant will be advertised on our web site, suitable local media sites and on village notice boards.

b) When applications are assessed the personal, commercial and financial resources of all members of the family, or household, will be taken into consideration.   

c) We reserve the right not to offer a home to anyone with a record of anti-social behaviour, or serious neighbour nuisance, or damaging a landlord’s property or anyone with an undischarged county court judgement for debt.

d) Except where clearly indicated the criteria listed in this document are of equal weight and the order of listing does not imply an order of priority. 

Note:  Applicants are advised that Trustees are to be informed if, at any point, any additional adult(s) over the age of 18 intend to move permanently into the property.  Approval will be at the discretion of Trustees and the new resident(s) will be subject to normal checks and may be asked to sign a tenancy agreement.  For the purposes of this clause, permanent means residing in the property for 3 or more nights a week for a period of to 3 months or more.

4. Pass Homes in Wootton Fitzpaine

There are twelve properties belonging to the Pass Housing Association in Wootton Fitzpaine. Two bungalows and ten houses, with either two or three bedrooms.

5. Pass Housing Association Trustees

a) The Association is run by a board of six Trustees aided by Mike Harris as Agent and Mrs Marion Brooks as Secretary.

b) The current Trustees are:

Mr Andrew Stevens (Chair)

Mrs Judith Legg (Vice Chair)

Mr Jonathan Snook

Mr Colin Kennedy

Ms Elizabeth Daros

Mr Dan Savage

6. How to contact us:

Mrs M Brooks Manor Gardens Wootton Fitzpaine Bridport DT6 6NH   Telephone 01297 560807 Email:

Michael Harris Harris and Harris Estate Agents 5 Cross Street Seaton Devon Telephone: 01297 24022             07971 221971 Email: